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File Preperations

Mac Mouse

In order to save you time and money send a 

1 up PDF  with bleeds. 

If you provide a multi up pdf,  there will be a 

$45 up charge to fix it.

If you are using Indesign, you should take advantage of the  Packaging option, (ALT-CONTROL -SHIFT -P), and send us that file.


  • If you are using fonts that are not part of the basic Window or Mac group, include them.

  • Always use the bold font itself rather than using the bold button. More often than not this causes a postscript error.


  • We highly recommend you create a separate folder just for these files; often we get the files without the  graphics.

  • Avoid embedding your files in the document.

  • Avoid using low-resolution jpeg files. 72 dpi looks great on a 72-line monitor, but looks very grainy on the print media.

  • Scan your pictures at 300 dpi, and size them in Photoshop to within 5% of what your final print size will be

  • Camera pictures. Use the best setting you can, and when you email them, do not make them smaller if prompted.  Print media requires much larger pictures to look good than just to view on the screen.

  • RBG (RED,GREEN,BLUE) or CMYK, (CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW, BLACK)  It is best to convert all your pictures to CMYK, as these are the same colors most print machines use. The machines will automatically  convert your files to CMYK.  The machine will use it's own default setting  to make the conversion, and you may not like it!  For best results, change your files to CMYK before you send them to us.

When you are creating your banners, letters, envelopes, books please keep in mind to prepare your files properly.

Please read some of our tips we have for you and email us if you might need more assistance –  surcharges may apply to file setup assistance.



  • In order to save time and money, send your files as a PDF, with one image per page. We have used a PDF work flow since the mid 90's.  To encourage you to make a PDF, we charge a $45 fee to make a PDF and email it back to. 

  • If you are the designer,  and  your customer has signed off on a PDF proof, rename the file to  and make sure your printer, the customer and your mother-in-law all know this is what the final product needs to look like!

  • Proofing is very tedious and often is shortchanged. If you find someone who is good at it and even likes it, you have found a treasure!

Ink Colors  for large orders requiring offset printing
Another very common mistake we see is the use of more colors than you want printed. For example PMS 286uc will look the same on the screen as PMS 286cv, but will print on 2 different plates!  If all you want to use is 1 color, then having many colors in your document will not matter. Otherwise, check in your print menu to see the number of colors that are going to print.

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